Friday, March 20, 2009

I'll Be Back at Metaponderance by 5/15

Ice will be out on Minnesota's lakes in a couple of weeks!!!!! That along with the annual meeting for my little company coming up in May means I need to focus on prototypes and presentations. I look forward to returning to blogging on 5/15, or so. Here are some things I'll be thinking about between now and then.

1. Is sacrifice essential to faith? And if so, what kind or kinds?

2. Where does religious authority come from? and where should it?

3. What, if anything, is unique to faith, and is it essential? And,

4. We'll revisit Peirce's "Neglected Argument" with the hopes of making the name a misnomer--or at least determining whether it deserves better.

There is a provisional theological circle forming in my mind around these topics, so we'll see what happens.

Best wishes till May!


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